In addition to our traditional course offers within FHNW’s bachelor’s and masters› programs, we also provide an array of further educational features.

These include bootcamps, elective courses, tools, and gamifications. These programs are designed to enhance our students› learning experience and provide them with practical skills that they can apply in their careers. The student work section also showcases some of the outstanding projects and initiatives that our students have undertaken during their studies.

Bootcamps & Courses

We offer customized blockchain trainings for your company. For more information click here or contact us via

As part of our yearly Trinational Digital Trust Days we host one session dedicated to blockchain. Click here to read our latest post!

In collaboration with Bittopia – the world’s first blockchain-enabled university – our research team offers an elective course for interested students in the bachelor program ‘business information technology’.

In the context of the EU H2020 GEIGER project and our IT Security Bachelor module in the fall semester 2022, we awarded the GEIGER Cybersecurity Defender Certificate for beginners to 190 Business Information System students. The certificate serves as proof of the students› knowledge in cybersecurity and cyber threats.

To earn the GEIGER Cybersecurity Defender Certificate, students had to pass an exam that tested their knowledge in cybersecurity. Moreover, the certificate was not just about theory. Students also had to engage in reverse mentoring, teaching colleagues and coworkers about what they had learned in class and spreading awareness about cyber threats and ways to mitigate them. This approach not only reinforced the students› understanding of the material but also helped to create a culture of cybersecurity awareness in their workplaces.

What sets the GEIGER Cybersecurity Defender Certificate apart is that it is stored on the blockchain, ensuring that it cannot be tampered with or modified in any way. The certificate can be easily accessed and shared by students, enabling them to showcase their skills and knowledge effectively.

For those interested in learning more about the GEIGER project, further information can be found on the project website via The project aimed to promote cybersecurity awareness and education and to equip small businesses with the skills and knowledge necessary to tackle the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape. The GEIGER Cybersecurity Defender Certificate highlights the students› commitment to learning and reflects the project’s success in promoting cybersecurity education.

Tools & Games

Learn Blockchain – Block by Block

Bloxxgame is a web-based simulation game with a wide variety of teaching scenarios. It is a simulation of a public blockchain, like Bitcoin, where each player acts as a node with all possibilities of creating coin transactions and blocks as well as the capability to experience the consensus algorithm by checking those transactions and blocks.

Bloxxgame Logo

Cybersecurity is of growing importance in a globalized and digitalized world. Attacks against well-known Swiss companies show that anyone can be affected. However, a representative study by ICT Switzerland (2019) shows that the danger is generally underestimated.
We brought the topic of cybersecurity out of the abstract ‹cyberspace› into the classroom and made it tangible. This was achieved by developing a Virtual Escape Room game for managers. Instead of dry theory, participants can team-up and actively learn the basic concepts of cybersecurity and test attacks and protection procedures in a playful way. The Escape Room Game aims at a low-threshold but sustainable increase of awareness for the importance of cybersecurity and offers an introduction to the basics of this topic.

The tool serves as a self-evaluation of the the data processing procedure «Data Protection Impact Assessment» (DPIA). The objective of the tool is to assess whether the data processing could result in a high risk to the rights and freedoms of individuals when personal data is involved. The assessment with the DPIA Tool will help you identify and minimise data protection risks for the affected individuals. The DPIA Tool is intended for SMEs, especially for small- and microenterprises with less than 50 employees in Switzerland and without profound knowledge and skills regarding data protection and privacy.

Highlighted Student Works

Here, we highlight noteworthy student works – ready to download!

Competitor Analysis and Market Entry Strategy proposal for Bloxxgame, a potential startup for teaching blockchain
Bachelor thesis 2022 – Industry partner: FHNW
Identification and Analysis of an Effective Approach to Mitigate External Whistleblowing in Organisations in Northwestern Switzerland
Bachelor Thesis 2021 – Industry partner – FHNW
CyberGEIGER – Community in Practice
Master Thesis 2021
Gamification of Blockchain Learning
Bachelor Thesis 2021 – Industry Partner – FHNW
Cybersecurity Governance – Framework for Small and Micro Enterprises
Master Thesis 2021
Cybersecurity Market Analysis of Switzerland and Liechtenstein
Bachelor Thesis 2021 – Industry Partner – FHNW
Application of Distributed Systems in Whistleblowing A feasibility study of a decentralized whistleblowing platform
Master Thesis 2021
Cyber Security Ecosystem – Specification of a Cyber Security Framework at Zühlke for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
Master Thesis 2020
Blockchain as Enabler for Cybersecurity in the Context of Electronic Health Records
Master Thesis 2019
Artificial Intelligence as Cyber Security Innovation
Master Thesis 2019
Towards Trust in Wealth Management
Master Thesis 2019
Cyber Security in the Era of Smart Homes – Guidelines and Maturity Assessment
Master Thesis 2017