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FHNW and BUIB Join Forces: Cybersecurity Collaboration Takes Flight

3. April 2024

FHNW expands its partnerships in Africa with a project alongside another Cameroonian university, Biaka University Institute of Buea (BUIB).

Thanks to the Leading House of Africa grant, FHNW will collaborate with BUIB on a research project focusing on cybersecurity in cross-cultural contexts and cybersecurity capacity building for Cameroonian teachers and students. The teams from both universities held a kick-off meeting on March 13, 2024, via MS Teams, marking the beginning of their collaboration.

The one-year collaboration aims to delve into the intersection of culture and cybersecurity, an area that remains relatively unexplored even in Switzerland, despite its advanced cybersecurity legislation and practices. The research will shed light on how cultural factors influence cybersecurity measures and practices.

Insights from the study will be leveraged to conduct cybersecurity workshops for stakeholders at BUIB, as well as other interested external parties. For FHNW, this collaboration offers a valuable opportunity to deepen its understanding of cybersecurity within African contexts, particularly the cultural and human elements that shape cybersecurity dynamics. These insights can inform the enhancement of cybersecurity study curriculums, contributing to a more holistic education on cybersecurity that acknowledges and addresses cultural nuances. The mutually beneficial collaboration will run from March 2024 to March 2025, laying the groundwork for potential future collaborations between the two universities.

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