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Reflecting on Success of our Competence Center Digital Trust in 2023 and the Road Ahead

28. März 2024

The year 2023 may seem a long way off. Yet it is worth pausing for a moment in Q1 2024 to look back and – as we conclude – to be delighted with what has been accomplished and achieved.

For us – the Competence Center Digital Trust – 2023 was characterized by growth. Our team has grown significantly and we count over 15 researchers working on digital trust.

Some of our highlights included

  • The official founding of our Digital Trust Competence Center in May 2023 as part of the annual Digital Trust Days
  • The presentation and publication of a total of 3 papers from our team at the renowned HICSS conference in Hawaii
  • The facilitation of the Blockchain Workshop, BES2023, providing valuable insights into the evolving landscape of digital trust in collaboration with the University in Camerino

Our team activities and achievements of 2023 in numbers:

KPIs Competence Center Digital Trust 2023

No. of new Research Projects
% of Projects in Collaboration with FHNW Schools
CHF raised by Competence Center
Active Collaboration Partners
ca. CHF 1’055’000.-
ca. 30
Peer-Reviewed Publications (>=  2 members collaborated)
Peer Reviews from our Team
Best Paper Awards
Conference Workshop Organized
Practitioner Event Organized
> 10
ca. 10
EDUCATION (BA, MA, Executive)
Elective Modules Executed
Core Modules Executed
Further/Executive Education Executed
Students in our Courses (estimated)
Student Supervisions (estimated)
> 60

For 2024, our team has the following focus

1. Digital Trust Powerhouse – Redefining Executive Education

We work on a new educational concept, the «Digital Trust Powerhouse.» With an innovative modular approach, we plan to offer professional development opportunities.

2. Digital Trust and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence opens up new opportunities for increasing trust in the digital space. At the same time, it can become a threat to trust. We have started to structure the two topics using a topic map and derive further activities.

3. Gamification in Cybersecurity Education

Our team has a lot of experience in designing and developing games. Examples include a digital cybersecurity escape room and the blockchain simulation bloxxgame. We intend to consolidate this know-how, develop it further and make it more visible.

As we embrace the lessons learned and achievements made in 2023, we eagerly anticipate furthering our commitment to research, innovative education, and collaborative partnerships in our ongoing journey towards enhancing digital trust. Here’s to an exciting year ahead!

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