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Strengthening International Education: FHNW and SwissLink Collaboration

21. März 2024

In the realm of higher education, collaboration is key. Today, we’re excited to share progress in our partnership between the Competence Center Digital Trust at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) and the SwissLink Higher Institute of Business & Technology in Kumba & Douala, Cameroon.

Today, we welcomed Dr. Eyongabi Carlson Ngwa, President of SwissLink, for a workshop at our premises in Basel. Joined by Prof. Dr. Bettina Schneider, Hermann Grieder, and Franka Ebai, we discussed future collaborations.

Last year, we launched a joint course on social engineering, examining cybersecurity from both Cameroonian and Swiss perspectives. This initiative enriched the academic experience for students from both nations. Looking ahead, we’re excited to introduce enriched academic programs spanning cybersecurity, entrepreneurship, and cultural immersion.

Schlagworte: Collaboration, Cybersecurity, Education

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