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International Group Work Award in Quantum Computing

2. Juli 2024

From March to April 2024, the Competence Center Digital Trust, in collaboration with Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg (DHBW) and the FHNW School of Life Sciences in Muttenz, conducted an innovative quantum computing course for business students at FHNW, known as the Quantum Computing Circle (QCC). This pioneering course aimed to equip business students with both theoretical knowledge and practical experience in quantum computing.

The course was meticulously structured into three comprehensive sessions and culminated in an international hybrid group work. In this final exercise, students from FHNW and DHBW were divided into three groups, each blending members from both institutions. Using a Miro board, the groups were assigned to analyze the potential impact of quantum computing through the lens of the six dimensions of the well-established PESTEL model: Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental, and Legal.

Assessing the potential impacts of quantum computing
Figure 1: Assessing the potential impacts of quantum computing

A panel of three professors assessed the results based on criteria such as comprehensibility, creativity, diversity, richness, and correctness of the analysis. The group that excelled in this task earned the International Group Work Award for their profound analysis and professional presentation. Their achievement highlights the successful integration of interdisciplinary and cross-institutional collaboration in the realm of quantum computing education.

Figure 2: International Group Work Award

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